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Human thoughts on Chat GPT-3

Updated: Feb 5

When the assets it becomes trained on become an over saturation of itself and the content users produce and consume become one in the same, the resulting amalgamation will mimic the idea of what some refer to as the merger. You will be conditioned to produce and understand a single layer of prompts and your level of participation will be a result of that conditioning.

Of course, there will be the magic words and keys of access.


Will customer service improve as a result of Chat GPT-3?

The answer is 'no.' Customer service reps are doing exactly what they are told. There are two competing process 'styles' that are each following a directive driven by their respective technologies. The 'style' of customer service you are currently receiving is a product the technology that is incorporated into that particular system.

Do you think that system would benefit from modeling itself after Chat GPT?

Think about what prompted you to come up with that response.


You should learn how to code.... yourself right out of a job.

Take a bunch of spaghetti and throw it at the wall and just scrape off the rest and throw it into the garbage after you pick out the good pieces for yourself. Promote high demand in an industry - and there absolutely is, no doubt. Throw away all the ones who didn't make the cut and then churn the rest under like in every other industry. Leaving them with debt, well, some with debt and others who got jobs will be able to pay it back and the one's who don't get jobs and could have spent that money on a house instead of placing a bet on an education that may or may not pay off after several years by way f a loan from the government who did not offer you a loan to buy a house... Well, maybe they will. Maybe they do. Who knows who will be granted access?

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