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Funeral for America

Tytler lay in his casket. At the funeral, a young man eyed the blonde with green eyes. Her hair was like a luxurious curtain that he wanted to possess. The strands of time interwoven with production of the most desireable products transferred between continents to unite us.

The messenger told me it was time to speak. What could I say as the ravenous media was in the room. Every aspect of our lives were monitored now and nobody believed anything they heard from 'the news' anymore. Live events were still something we could enjoy.

"What people will hear about this man may or may not be true as it pertains to the delivery of information. It is unfortunate that this has become a typical precursor to what I will say now. In a month when the financial obligations of the average citizen is disrupted with language that will freeze their bank accounts, some of you may ask yourselves how did this happen..."

He held himself the gracefully among the menacing crowd. His delivery person, Rachel, escorted him to the exit where the blonde with the green eyes met him in the limousine as they rolled toward the private exit.


Inside the limo on the way to the palace the young woman barely spoke but exuded a nuance with minute actions.

It was like watching an exotic animal he had never seen before.

She looked over at him, dazed. Mesmerizing. Opened her mouth just the right amount. Bent down and took off her shoes. Received a comfortable position on the seat next to him and relaxed by resting her arm on the length of his leg.

The ride was nearly soundproof. Smooth, as she looked up at him almost as if in a trance.

When everything is perfect, it is a normal reaction to attempt a ruin by asking 'what happens next' - ? This was not one of those moments. We know that every single day is going to get worse for the populous. We have known that for some time.


When they arrived at the palace they denied the protocol pills which was allowed three times per year now among the elevated class and went straight to the penthouse suite.

She looked down onto the city as he wrapped his arms against her body from behind. They took in the city lights below and she raised her arms as he lifted her dress.

Perfect. How many different versions of perfect are there when referring to beautiful women? Endless. This one is perfect.

He tried to not let that bother him as the AI models that were presented to him before were also perfect.

No matter. This one is the one.


Gillian was irate while waiting for Rachel to pick up the phone.

"When are you coming home?"

"As soon as I get approval from the new AI model consultant."

"The research data is dependent on trade. You know that. I need you to come home tonight so we can talk about it before I submit my work."

"I'll be there soon. As soon as we can confirm that he has retired for the evening and the new software is downloaded.

"You miss me?"

"Don't flatter yourself."

"Yea? You want to tell me how my jeans feel on you? They fit? How about the zipper? You have any problems putting them on or taking them off?" Try the zipper now. Make sure it works. What color panties are you wearing? Are they clean or dirty? Check.

Put your hand inside my panties and read the tag. There is a number on the bottom right corner. Tell me the last four digits.


There was a knock on the door of the penthouse suite. He was in the shower and she just got out of the bath.

He heard the knock as he shut off the shower head and wrapped her in a robe and put one on himself. "Stay here," he said.

He bent down and opened the cabinet underneath the bathroom sink and pulled out a 9. He weaved his way around the suite to the door. No phone. No phone notifications.

He did not like the sound of the knock so he did not respond. It was a knock. If they were coming for him, they would have already been in. It would be better to do nothing.


In a tower somewhere

Isn't it strange that all of the people who are trying to solve all of the problems in the world need to resort to some underground person that nobody has every heard of to solve all of their problems by way of some technological advantage?


Throughout history women have been used as bait. Like it or don't like it, no matter. That is the biological predisposition for propagation of the species.

Women learned that if they could appeal to a man, they would not be passed around and used as a tool. So they did as a matter of survival. Women were perceived as community property.

Learn a biological defense mechanism and appeal to an alpha male and you won't be used in this fashion.

Men fought over women and killed each other. Alpha male. It was then men who killed each other off on behalf of women and possessing them.

Industrial revolution.

After the infrastructure was erected, the cycle repeated itself and the laborers were tossed away. The women will always scale up.

When it is determined that the financial management of society needs to be stabilized, as has happened throughout history, the power will be shifted in the vein of empowerment through victimization and oppression. This is a non-productive sector. This is a destructive entity as has been realized by the basic strategy of divide and conquer.

To stabilize a women's movement you have a conflict to abrupt the propagation of the species and then you import more low wage low skilled labor to kill of the previous low wage labor that has worked its way up to the middle class to eliminate the middle class.

For it is the 'pursuit' of happiness that is 'guaranteed' - not the happiness itself.


It is unfortunate that women have not been portrayed favorably by the media industry. Demonstrated by the final season of 'House of Cards' and the series 'Homeland'. However, the Clinton Foundation did make its mark in the credits for the movie The Adjustment Bureau which happened to coincide with the nuptials of their daughter.

It is unfortunate that friends of George decided that the country was not yet ready for a woman to be President. But her husband's precursor did spark the movement that transferred the perception of power away from the individuals historically credited with building the nation.

The pause on Hillary's appointment remains curious as many question the obviously far lesser competence of the elected officials supported by George. However, the fact remains that the leverage of the current ideology is deployed by the individual that determines the success of 99% of the candidates he supports.

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