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Fox News - Network fundraising for Israel

The Republican party. Right-wing news media.

Fundraising for Israel.

One GOP problem is fundraising for the party as they are constantly being outspent by the Democrats. Most American Jews vote Democrat. The Democrats also get funding for the candidates their party chooses from Soros. It is the Democrat party in this country that has largely been pro-Palestine. Fundraising - the only reason Vivek Ramaswamy is on the GOP debate stage with his bizarre campaign platform.

Vivek tore into Ronna McDaniel early in the third GOP debate yesterday and also tried to use many keywords he thought would trend as he delivered SEO talking points mentioning Elon Musk, Tucker Carlson and Greg Gutfeld hoping to get a response from them on their platforms.

Program director at Fox News. Two days ago I watched a live stream on Fox of this: Families of hostages speak on Capitol Hill

I searched YouTube and found this video: Families of Hamas hostages speak out on Capitol Hill

The second video was not the video I watched live via The Fox News stream, but was uploaded to YouTube one hour later. The first video, I did see streaming on Fox News live was not the video that was posted at the Fox News YouTube channel, but was posted via the account The National Desk. What is going on with that?

Also, two days ago, Four different shows on Fox News throughout the day reported 242 hostages in Israel, then 241 hostages on the following show, then 240 hostages on the show after that and finally 239 hostages by the time the schedule got to Bret Baier. Were 3 hostages released throughout the day? I do not remember that being reported.

Poor access to coverage during election night 11/7 2023. Why? This guy was the only 'coverage' of the election I could find and even he reports during his live broadcast that he had trouble getting updates from the mainstream networks.

If platforms want to 'deprioritize' news, people looking for it should still be able to find it if they are looking for it. Deprioritize or feature should not mean 'hide' what people are looking for.

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