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Former Baltimore DA Marilyn Mosby Seeks Presidential Pardon Before Sentencing

In a dramatic turn of events, former Baltimore District Attorney Marilyn Mosby is actively seeking a presidential pardon from President Joe Biden ahead of her sentencing on May 23. Mosby faces potential incarceration for up to 40 years following her conviction on charges of perjury and mortgage fraud. The request for a pardon comes amidst a flurry of public and legal activities surrounding Mosby's case.

Marilyn Mosby was found guilty in separate trials of two counts of perjury and a single count of mortgage fraud, stemming from her time in office as Baltimore City State's Attorney. The charges relate to Mosby's actions in withdrawing $90,000 from her city Deferred Compensation Plan under false pretenses to purchase two vacation homes in Florida, claiming financial hardships during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it was later revealed that she not only received her full salary during that period but also received a $9,000 raise.

As the date of her sentencing approaches, Mosby has publicly declared that she believes a presidential pardon would be "appropriate," asserting that she has done "absolutely nothing wrong." This statement was made despite the evidence presented in court, which included findings that Mosby made false statements on mortgage applications to obtain lower interest rates.

Supporters of Mosby have launched an online petition urging President Biden to grant a full pardon, citing her previous contributions as Baltimore City State's Attorney, including her policy changes and her role in prosecuting police officers involved in the 2015 death of Freddie Gray. The petition has garnered significant attention, with over 2,700 of the 3,000 signatures targeted.

While Mosby awaits her sentencing, her legal team has suggested that they may appeal her conviction. However, as of now, no formal appeal has been announced. The upcoming sentencing will determine the extent of Mosby's punishment, with the possibility of her facing decades behind bars.

The case against Marilyn Mosby has sparked discussions about accountability and the integrity of public officials. As the legal and public debates continue, the outcome of her request for a presidential pardon remains uncertain.

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