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Election 2024

Updated: 5 days ago

Donald Trump, 77, says he BACKS cognitive testing for presidents and slates Biden's abilities - hours after claiming he could start World War Two_DAILYMAIL

Biden campaign hits Trump on UAW strike_THEHILL

Trump, Biden both tumble in Iowa: poll_THEHILL

Suspected Chinese operatives using AI generated images to spread disinformation among US voters, Microsoft says_CNNPOLITICS

Newsom on a potential 2024 run: Not going to happen_POLITICO

A Delicate Dance: Gavin Newsom Promotes Biden, and Himself_DNYUZ

Trump’s Resilience Leaves Anxious G.O.P. Donors in Despair and Denial_DNYUZ

Trump RAGES At ‘Slime Balls’ Trying To Ban Him From Ballot_MEDIAITE

It's Time For Biden To Leave The Stage

Biden vs. Trump — the sequel. You may not like it, but it grows more likely by the day_LATIMES

Dana Perino, Stuart Varney to co-moderate second GOP primary debate hosted by FOX Business

Could Gavin Newsom run for president in 2024? Lots of GOP insiders are all but convinced

The Saudis will have a say in U.S. elections_AXIOS

DeSantis built a massive network of big donors. Many have ditched him_POLITICO

Arizona GOP braces for volatile Lake-Masters match-up_THEHILL

'Jews won't replace us': Neo-Nazis rally in Disney World, across Florida_JERUSALEMPOST

Biden's big gamble: Staying quiet on Trump_NBC

White House ramps up war room to battle expected GOP impeachment inquiry_NBC

Blake Masters Plans to Enter Race for Kyrsten Sinema’s Senate Seat_WSJ

No Labels preps playbook to select presidential candidates, broaden support_WAPO

How Jeffrey Epstein Tried to Tap Into Trump’s Circle_WSJ

Trump Could Clinch the Nomination Before the G.O.P. Knows if He’s a Felon_DNYUZ

Trump tells Glenn Beck he’d ‘lock up’ political opponents if reelected_THEHILL


Sept. 5 - Sentencing of ex-Proud Boys leader delayed due to ’emergency’_THEHILL

Sept. 6 - Trump, other defendants set to be arraigned Sept. 6 in Georgia election case_CNBC


After Jacksonville, Tensions Flare Between DeSantis and Black Floridians_DNYUZ

Scoop: Trumpworld sees Haley surging toward DeSantis_AXIOS

Vivek Ramaswamy’s no good, very bad week_THEHILL

Ron DeSantis is savagely booed off the podium at vigil for three black people killed in Florida Dollar Store racist mass shooting - as one resident shouts: 'Your policies caused this!'_DAILYMAIL

Trump is open to Vivek Ramaswamy being his VP pick: Ex-president calls entrepreneur, 38, 'smart' and 'full of talent' - but warns he's 'getting a little bit controversial'_DAILYMAIL

Biden is ‘old,’ Trump is ‘corrupt': AP-NORC poll has ominous signs for both in possible 2024 rematch_AP

CPAC founder Schlapp slapped with new allegations involving two younger men: report_RAWSTORY

Trump raises $7.1 million after Georgia mug shot_THEHILL

On the Trail: Why Bernie Sanders is back in NH on Saturday_CONCORDMONITOR

The Inevitable Nominee? Trump’s Election Momentum Builds Even as Legal Problems Mount_WSJ

Chicago social studies teacher, 41, who threatened to shoot Barron Trump, 17, at 'any opportunity I get' is accused of STALKING the teenager at his Florida high school_DAILYMAIL

“Is Trump disqualified for the N.H. primary? N.H. secretary of state is seeking legal advice.”

Arizona readies for Kari Lake and a contentious Senate race_THEHILL

Haley spars with Stephanopoulos over Biden: ‘Kamala Harris is going to be the next president’_THEHILL

US House Republicans launch probe of Atlanta DA in Trump election case_REUTERS

From a G.O.P. Stronghold, Debate Watchers Cheered Signs of a Post-Trump Era_DNYUZ

Don Jr. and MTG Rage After Fox Boxes Them Out From Post-Debate Spin Room_DAILYBEAST

Ron DeSantis left the debate untouched — because no one bothered to attack him_NBC

Candidates asked to raise their hands if they would support Donald Trump as nominee_NYPOST

Ramaswamy and the Rest_THEATLANTIC

CNN Debate Focus Group: Ramaswamy Won The Debate, He Understands Why Young People Don't Love America_REALCLEARPOLITICS

Everybody Hates Vivek: Republican Debate Had Plenty of Agreement On At Least One Point_MEDIAITE

Nikki Haley Comes Out Swinging at Debate, Slams Trump and Other Republicans For Spending $8 Trillion_MEDIAITE

Party of One Donald Trump may have been absent from last night’s debate, but he still owns the GOP._THEATLANTIC

Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump reunite to try to upstage Fox News_WAPO

Doug Burgum injured leg, may not stand at GOP debate_POLITICO

Newcomer Vivek Ramaswamy is taking flak ahead of Republican debate_WAPO

The Astonishing, Unexpected and Completely Modern Rise of Vivek Ramaswamy_POLITICO

Poll: DeSantis’s support collapses ahead of 1st GOP debate_YAHOO

GOP drama builds as Trump counterprograms debate: live updates_THEHILL

Trump won’t be at the GOP’s first presidential debate. But his presence will be felt_AP

Democrats blanket Milwaukee with pro-Biden messages ahead of GOP primary debate_FOXNEWS

GOP Candidates Who Didn’t Make the Cut for First Debate Face Tough Decision_BLOOMBERG

Trump’s legal and political calendars poised to clash_ROLLCALL

Donald Trump Risks Turning Co-Conspirators Against Him_NEWSWEEK

Trump’s decision to back out of debate tests Fox News’ ability to pivot again_AP

Scoop: Fox News restricts Trump team's access to debate "spin room”_AXIOS

‘I can’t get into people’s heads': Kamala Harris tries to reshape her public image ahead of 2024_POLITICO

Vivek Ramaswamy’s Truth_THEATLANTIC

The US needs a Trump-free Republican Party to make America sane again - opinion_JERUSALEMPOST

Trump to release taped interview with Tucker Carlson, skipping GOP debate_WAPO

Legal scholars increasingly raise constitutional argument that Trump should be barred from presidency_CNNPOLITICS

Donald Trump looks ‘stressed and unkempt’ as critics speculate about his health_DAILYEXPRESS

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