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Don't buy in to the 'group stacking' shell game between the govt and the media

Does your YouTube feed contain videos of seemingly world-wide support for Palestine? Or maybe not very well disguised dissent toward Israel?

A homeland security official told NBC News that the Department of Homeland Security is monitoring a “heightened threat environment” in the United States and is concerned about attacks on Jewish Americans, Arab Americans and Muslim Americans. By each other?

It isn't a huge leap to connect the dots by observing the wall constructed by the media and the government preventing a transparent line of communication to the masses who see a massive void in the narrative that just seems to jump over entire parts of the story on the way to the next thing that is designed to get a reaction out of you.

They move people around by hiding them behind groups through false association. The primary example of that is BLM.

I thought the media and the government love to 'name names' for their clickbait propaganda. So name the names. Who are these groups being threatened by? Criticism? Critique?

They have built everyone up to be victims and now cannot identify the attackers.

Law enforcement resources were diverted toward Jewish community centers at the beginning of this crisis where no crimes have occurred while these resources were diverted away from high crime areas in large cities where every day crime is rampant.

This formula is self evident. You must believe the American people voted for this because they did. Now you are gaslighting yourselves.

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