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Culture of Contempt - They are coming for Taylor Swift

The latest round of cancel culture is targeting white women who are triggered by social media to make anti-semitic remarks and then beaten down by the perception of public opinion.

Not that I care, but the relationship between the singer and the football player seems to be more of a business arrangement than a genuine relationship. Don't care. The cross-marketing campaign to see if we can introduce more eyeballs to the NFL from a new demographic is working, I think. But who can tell for sure. Everywhere I go, every time I turn around there is another article, report and pictures about the football player and the singer. Who f'ing cares. And now here it is yet again because I cannot turn it off and make it go away. it just keeps showing up. These 'ads' are not targeted toward me based on what I like.

What does Taylor Swift think of the war in Israel? No. You do not get to stay silent. We are going to make you answer the question.

Do not believe anything you see, hear or read on the internet. 'Feeds' are corrupted and manipulated to attack people with messaging that is meant to shape your opinions which are then verified by your participation with social media.

The media manipulation of a narrative is extraordinary. News organizations are totally unreliable as has been on display for the past 2 weeks with regard to wartime news coverage which one would think would be a topic that would require accuracy in reporting, but no. The news is filled with conflicting reports and information that is allegedly debunked shortly after it is reported confusing anyone who is trying to understand what is going on.

The undertow of American culture by land, by sea and by air is on full display, or at least that is what you are led to believe. The world outside of your phone is starting to fill up with this crap as well. As food and gasoline prices remain high and everyone is constantly under attack for everything - where are the stories of people who were doing well 10 years ago and now cannot get a job or have a normal life or choose to be left alone? They are nowhere to be found. You are nowhere to be found. You work for the cartel now.

Keep tapping and keep dissenting until you remove everything that is good until you turn this country into the s-holes these people escaped from. You are doing a great job. One day soon they will come for you.

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