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Updated: May 23



The Bitcoin Mining Debate Is Ignoring the People Most Affected_COINDESK



Tether USDT to buy Bitcoin for stablecoin reserves? Why are they buying crypto for stablecoin reserves?

Tether Says It Will Buy Bitcoin for Stablecoin Reserves Using Realized Profits_COINDESK

Give me a blockchain URL where a blockchain website is hosted providing something, anything useful, please. It does not seem as if you can connect a blockchain domain like the ones for sale at Unstoppable Domains and host it. for example. Is anyone doing anything useful with them yet?

There is a 2 year old video

Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain





'To be a validator, you need to stake a certain amount of crypto for a chance of being randomly selected for the task.'

How Much Money Can You Make as a Crypto Validator?_MAKEUSEOF



Ethereum Network Suffers Finality Issues—Here’s What That Means_DECRYPT

LG Files Patent for TV That Lets Users Trade NFTs From Their Couches_DECRYPT

Brave announces automatic NFT backups and enhanced Filecoin support in Brave Wallet

IS PINNING JUST ADDING before the hash?



Binance Announces Exit from Canada, Citing Regulatory Tensions_COINDESK

Binance calls it quits in Canada, blames new rules_COINTELEGRAPH

BinanceUS + Unstoppable + Polygon Announcement!_UNSTOPPABLEDOMAINS

Sam Bankman-Fried's Ties to George Santos Are Just the Beginning_COINDESK

Line Reveals Five 'Gamer First' NFT Games Releasing in 2023_DECRYPT



MetaMask rolls out ETH purchases via PayPal to US users_COINTELEGRAPH

Crypto space reporting on PEPE scam coin call out imitators.?! Pepe memecoin frenzy gets unwanted attention from scammers_COINTELEGRAPH

‘Smart Money’ Traders Reduce Pepecoin Holdings by $3M as Meme Coin Mania Cools_COINDESK


IRS claiming $44B from FTX bankruptcy: Report_COINTELEGRAPH

Rehypothecation May Be Common in Traditional Finance, but It Will Never Work With Bitcoin_COINDESK

If Bitcoin Can’t Handle a Few JPEGs, How Can It Handle the World?_COINDESK

Rosario Dawson to Star in NFT-Backed Anime Series from Gala_DECRYPT

Coinbase Won't Support Gala Games V2 Token Airdrop—Why Not?_DECRYPT


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