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Citizen trash - the civilian cyberstalker

For the past several years I have worked with citizen trash who cyberstalk and electronically monitor my activity both on and offline and tell me about it by gaslighting me both directly and through 'coincidental conversation.'

This is for them and for the other people who have been harassed by the citizen trash.

The social engineering #TECHJAG tech trash are fully vaxxed. They love illegal immigration. Human trafficking and displacement of citizen residents from blue state public services and shelters by illegal immigrants are of no concern to them. One of them reported that the 'hyperbolic content kicker' that was distributed by advertising companies went away with the decline of the rest of the media industry - admitting they were paid more to produce and spread anti-right wing misinformation. Now that they have been replaced by AI (in the media industry) and are enjoying their next phase of employment setting up fake MAGA accounts on social media platforms.

Meanwhile, the pro-Palestine movement, that was once known as BLM, is removing all members not protected under the DEI pledge as anti-Muslim hate commercials are deprioritized on YouTube and anti-Israel hate commercials are featured prominently. This is causing a huge disruption to the Biden re-election campaign.

You don't hear complaining from the former left-wing media journalists because they are still employed - anonymously embedded into position for pending social media disinformation/misinformation campaigns. Instead of reporting on the attack NBC reported A group of 67 X accounts spread coordinated disinformation about Israel-Hamas war, says research group. And then picked up the reporting starting from 'attacks on Gaza,' which, of course, were responses to the attack on Israel.

The pro-Palestine movement is at odds with the Biden administration's re-election campaign in places like Michigan? Feb 5, 2024 - The Israel-Hamas war began on October 7, when some 3,000 Hamas-led terrorists invaded Israel to kill nearly 1,200 people, mostly civilians, and take 253 hostages of all ages, while committing ...


The left-wing media is pro-Palestine because they are pro-anything that is opposed to the pro-right position. Both the left and right wing media support the ouster of non-Jewish white males by proxy. The Left, through DEI pledges and the Right by simply not not representing them in media or government while staunchly supporting Israel.

They try to provoke violence. The Right warns of a 'not if but when' disruption of some kind pointing to suspects of interest coming across the southern border, or from Putin following the Moscow attack, or from bird flu passed to humans through dairy cows, or chickens, or a solar eclipse, or an earthquake, or a solar flare, or an attack on the power grid, and on and on and on.

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