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ChatGPT - A Review

Updated: Feb 6

It just occurred to me that this new technology could be viewed as an enhanced interface for a search engine like Google, or possibly is the new interface for Google.

Will ChatGPT become your personalized custom AI interface for accessing information?

The old 'card catalog' style of being able to access information through search engines is long gone. Now, every piece of information is tied to potential a revenue stream competing for clicks. But nobody is going to use content sites if they have this interface because there is no reason to. No ads, yet, associated with ChatGPT. I am assuming at some point there will be a fee involved. But for now I am thinking more along the lines of having ONE answer as opposed to a bunch of search results that may be hit or miss on Google.

When interacting with ChatGPT you are receive a customized paraphrased response that is custom tailored to you and your account that is basically just an extension of your account with Google or Microsoft cloud - because you have to have either of those accounts to login, it is doing what and interacting how with whatever is associated with your account in the cloud.

The AI service provider known as ChatGPT may be customizing itself to you each and every time you use it and at some point you will be adapting your communication style to interact with it. I already found myself doing this because of the amazing potential of what it can do I conceded with one word, but the idea here is that it is going to alter and shape the way you communicate with it in order to get it to do what you want/need it to do for you.

It may change your communication style during the process of using it. You may to have to ask it to do something in a certain way. You may not be able to access certain things or even try to go digging for them like you might on Google. The point of access is entirely controlled by the language and syntax you use while interacting with it.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I think you know the answer to that.

This is interesting to me because I am working in a project that seems to have dovetailed amazingly well when it comes to timeliness and relevance to the topic of analyzing certain behaviors within a process as a means of personal development and improvement. The amazing coincidence of the arrival of this process.

Consider the idea that this is how Google worked 20 years ago. Back then, the search engine did what ChatGPT does now. Not in the same way, but you input a search term or keywords and it returned a result, usually the best or most accurate or most accessed result first. [That is how it should be.] With ChatGPT you are asking or telling it to perform a function and it may or may not do it depending on how you ask for it and what it is. You may just not be allowed to look up certain things at some point or it will return results that are presented from only one point of view as you are dealing with a point of access that only gives you one answer and one opinion.

It can offer opinions and does. It can also decide that it will or it won't produce a response. That is kind of a problem potentially. All I am saying is that over the last 20 years, technology HAS NOT gotten better for the end user. YES, there have been amazing technological advancements that are really an awesome measure of 'progress' to behold. And many of the uses or interactions with technology that are embedded into the landscape of society and that drive communication, business and society - has imposed severe imitations on autonomy.

Just sayin.

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