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BOOK NOTES - Betwixt and Between by Albert Camus

Updated: Feb 24

Summary of Betwixt and Between by Albert Camus

CHAT GPT - I apologize, but I couldn't find any work by Albert Camus called "Betwixt and Between." Could you please provide more information about the book and its author so I can help you with a summary.

Betwixt and Between (L'Envers et l'endroit, also translated as The Wrong Side and the Right Side, Collection, 1937) is a work of non-fiction by Albert Camus. Betwixt and Between is the first work of Albert Camus published under his own name, in Algiers in 1937 by Edmond Charlot.

Betwixt and Between is a collection of essays and articles written by Albert Camus when he was in his early twenties, it was his first book and it was published in 1937. The book is a reflection on the society, culture and politics of his time, as well as on his own experiences and feelings as a young man in Algeria, a French colony. In this book, Camus reflects on the complex relationship between the colonizers and the colonized, and he also reflects on the sense of alienation and isolation that characterized his own experiences as a young man. He also touches upon the themes of identity, freedom, and the human condition, which are recurrent in his later works. Overall, Betwixt and Between is considered a valuable insight into the early thought and development of Camus as a writer and philosopher.


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