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Updated: May 28, 2023







'To be a validator, you need to stake a certain amount of crypto for a chance of being randomly selected for the task.'



YesYouCanGo.blockchain directory promotes a useful blockchain experience by offering advertising for projects in development on the blockchain. Listing your project proposal is the first step in marketing your startup and announcing that you are accepting donations and investment funding. To list your project send .01 ETH to the wallet address: 0x85Ca56265445C9aB017dF5bD84864B8C02b3d770


Register your unstoppable domain today and start accepting crypto payments directly to your domain. Visit YesYouCanGo.blockchain to see how it works







COINTELEGRAPH retrieved 5/12/2023

'Blockchains are the critical infrastructure underlying cryptocurrencies. The common feature of these distributed ledgers is the sequential updating of a cryptographically secure, verifiable transaction record among a network of peers all operating under a certain set of rules enforced through the software itself. This record is owned and operated in common by anyone anywhere.

While research in shared ledger technology goes back decades, the arrival of the Bitcoin blockchain introduced the first distributed ledger technology that was thoroughly decentralized and resistant to censorship, seizure and collusion.

Blockchain technology, in its various manifestations including the Ethereum blockchain and others, is ultimately a global consensus system — i.e., it allows people to coordinate and cooperate around a neutral source of information without trusting each other or a central administrator. The use cases are wide-ranging, from finance and energy trading to supply chain management.

At Cointelegraph, we are chronicling the evolving blockchain industry. Is it revolutionary or overhyped? Or both? Will it become the solution to securing trust in finance and global trade? What will be the rate of blockchain transactions in the coming years?

Stay tuned to find out.'




Is Coinbase delisting GALA because they do not agree with the decision the company is making?

It truly is time for a reckoning in the 'decentralized' crypto/blockchain world of hype, fomo and endless fundraising on projects that either turn out to be outright scams or never become developed.

If you think that a 'public blockchain ledger' makes you more secure, why don't you tweet regular screenshots of the private ledger for your online bank account?


The crypto/blockchain rug pull continues from PEPE right into GALA. WTF?

So you can just throw out not only a token, but an entire ‘smart contract’ and make up new rules for your cryptocurrency as you go along?

Coinbase Won't Support Gala Games V2 Token Airdrop—Why Not?_DECRYPT

Gala Games GG20_COINBASE

Introducing $GALA(v2): A New Era for the Gala Games Ecosystem

From the article (link above) ‘NOTE: You must remove your GALA from any liquidity pools or smart contracts before the snapshot on May 15th, as we cannot guarantee that GALA dropped to liquidity pool contracts will be recoverable. It’s better to be safe than sorry.’

The tech space has a habit of stating that they are not responsible if their technology upgrade does not work.

Making blockchain games you'll actually want to play_GALA

What is a Blockchain?


OpenSea collector pays 100 ETH for a free NFT: Nifty Newsletter, April 5–11


Yes You Can Go is creating a directory for websites on the blockchain.

For a free listing send us your blockchain URL and a brief description of your site.

There is no fee. Contact here








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