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Biden's Gaza aid pier will be permanently dismantled

The US-built pier in Gaza, intended to deliver humanitarian aid to the region, will be permanently dismantled after operating for only 21 days. The pier, which was unveiled by President Joe Biden in his State of the Union address in March, was always intended to be a temporary measure to complement the limited amount of aid being allowed across land crossings by Israel.

The pier’s operation was plagued by bad weather, security concerns, and difficulties in delivering aid to the intended recipients. The eastern Mediterranean off the Gaza coast was choppier than expected, making it necessary to move the pier in and out of position repeatedly. As a result, the pier was only operational for a short period, and most of the aid delivered was left piled up, waiting to be distributed.

The decision to dismantle the pier comes after US officials announced that the project would last until August or September, but it appears that the pier will be removed before that deadline. The US military will disassemble the pier and depart, marking the end of the project.

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