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Bands that played at the international music festival in Israel - Hamas attack

Aladin - (France)

Artifex - (Israel) : ?

Astral Projection - (Israel) :

Flare :

Jackalon - (Israel)

Jumpstreet - (Switzerland)

Kido - (Australia)

Libra (Israel) -

Man With No Name (UK) -

NoFace (Israel) -

Protonica (Berlin) -

Rocky Tilbor (Israel) -

Shove (Mexico) -

Spectra Sonics (Japan) -

Swarup (Brazil) -

Wegha (Budapest, Hungary) -

These were the bands listed at the event website:

Bodies of 260 revellers killed in Israel festival massacre are piled on top of each other as Hamas attack aftermath is laid bare: Survivors describe gunmen going 'tree by tree' executing victims - with father who rushed to save daughter among missing_DAILYMAIL

How joy turned to terror: Videos recorded by woman at Israeli festival show how young people went from dancing to dodging bullets and helping the wounded as Hamas carried out slaughter_DAILYMAIL

Tragic last dance for peace-loving tattoo artist murdered by Hamas: Shani Louk, who refused military service in Israel, is seen having fun.. before being slaughtered and paraded naked by terrorists_DAILYMAIL

How a night of dancing and revelry in Israel turned into a massacre_WASHINGTONPOST

Israeli survivors recount terror at music festival, where Hamas militants killed at least 260_AP

Music festival revelers in the Israeli desert were massacred by Hamas militants_NBC

Israeli survivors recount terror at music festival, where Hamas militants killed at least 260

Desert horror: Music festival goers heard rockets, then Gaza militants fired on them and took hostages_CNN

What we know about the Supernova festival where Hamas militants killed hundreds of attendees

At Least 260 People Dead After Attack At Israeli Electronic Music Festival_BILLBOARD

Israeli woman played dead for three hours as Hamas militants stormed music festival

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