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Updated: Aug 24

Married teacher sexually preyed on student after posting PSA about consent: prosecutors_FOXNEWS

White House advisor pounds podium defending 'foundational, sacred obligation' to fund military abortions_FOXNEWS


No SSN, no problem, says Maza, a fintech startup aimed at undocumented immigrants_TECHCRUNCH

Children's maths question that seems simple is leaving people stumped - so, can YOU tell the right answer?_DAILYMAIL

Supreme Court says a conviction for online threats violated 1st Amendment_WAPO

Supreme Court rules against giving state legislatures unchecked control over federal elections_NBC

Justice Samuel Alito Took Luxury Fishing Vacation With GOP Billionaire Who Later Had Cases Before the Court_PROPUBLICA

Justice Samuel Alito: ProPublica Misleads Its Readers_WSJ


Democrats and Republicans share core values but still distrust each other_AP


‘Hate has no place in our city': New York City Mayor Eric Adams signs executive order to PROTECT gender-affirming care amid Red wave of restrictions_DAILYMAIL


'It's a disgrace': Gavin Newsom admits California's homeless situation is out of control but blames Republicans despite being in power for four years - during which time vagrancy has risen 13 percent_DAILYMAIL


Two more Marines with intelligence jobs plead guilty in Jan. 6 riot_WAPO

Officials denounce Nazi demonstration outside Disney amid rising antisemitism in Florida_ORLANDOSENTINEL


Drudge Report Bias Moved from Lean Right to Center: AllSides Analysis_ALLSIDES

Book: Liberal Media Distorts News Bias_USNEWS


‘They’re caving to bullies’: queer influencers in the US say brands have gone quiet_GUARDIAN

Target stores see more bomb threats over Pride merchandise_WAPO


Cable News Ratings Friday June 9: MSNBC Dominates Fox News and CNN In Total Day and Prime Time_MEDIAITE

Fox sends Tucker Carlson cease-and-desist letter_AXIOS

Week of June 5 Basic Cable Ranker: For First Time Since 2018, MSNBC Beats Fox News and CNN in Primetime Demo and Total Viewers_TVNEWSER


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