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Artificial turf installation in Florida

Updated: Feb 25

Artificial turf installation in Florida is increasingly becoming a popular choice among residential homeowners for its low maintenance, water conservation benefits, and year-round green aesthetics. Various companies across the state offer professional installation services, ensuring that regardless of the specific needs or design aspirations, there's a solution available. Here's an overview of companies offering these services in Florida, highlighting their specialties and what sets them apart.

Turf Team Synthetics

Turf Team Synthetics provides swift and efficient installation services, offering detailed quotes quickly and ensuring minimal disruption during the project. Their process includes a comprehensive site inspection to identify any potential challenges upfront, ensuring a smooth installation​​.


Durafield is known for its professional and clean work, offering high-quality, American-made artificial turf solutions in South Florida. They pride themselves on their durable and longer-lasting products, catering to both residential and commercial installations​​.

Go Forever Green

Go Forever Green focuses on offering the softest and most realistic artificial turf in the industry. Their professionally guaranteed installation ensures satisfaction for a wide range of applications, including residential properties​​.

Florida Turfin'

Florida Turfin' brings over two decades of experience to each project. They specialize in creating realistic, lush, and beautiful artificial grass solutions, addressing specific challenges like erosion threats with engineered solutions​​.

Blue Ocean Turf

Blue Ocean Turf offers innovative designs for both residential and commercial lawns, using high-quality American-made artificial grass. They focus on creating stylish yards that remain vibrant throughout the year​​.

Enviable Turf

Enviable Turf specializes in providing top-tier, UV-protected, and durable artificial grass suitable for the Florida climate. They offer a variety of installations, including for pools, parks, playgrounds, and sports fields, emphasizing affordability and excellent customer service​​.

Southwest Greens Florida

Southwest Greens Florida is known for its creative solutions in challenging installations, such as rooftop projects. They utilize unique combinations of materials to ensure smooth surfaces and excellent drainage, catering to both residential and commercial clients​​.

Tough Turf

Tough Turf offers a comprehensive range of services, from residential backyards to sports fields, with easy financing options and free consultations to help clients choose the right turf for their needs​​.


ProGreen, with over 20 years of experience, provides durable and attractive artificial turf installations in Orlando, emphasizing the numerous advantages of artificial grass, including water conservation and low maintenance​​.

ForeverLawn Central Florida

ForeverLawn Central Florida offers a variety of specialized turfs, including K9Grass for pets and Playground Grass designed with children’s safety in mind. Their custom-designed golf greens cater to golfers of all levels​​.

Each of these companies offers a unique set of products and services tailored to meet the diverse needs of Florida homeowners. Whether you're looking for a pet-friendly lawn, a child-safe play area, a private golf green, or simply a beautiful, maintenance-free yard, there's a solution available. For more detailed information on services, products, and to request quotes, visit their websites directly:

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