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American debt machine - manufacturing the finest oppression money can buy

Sign on the line for your student loan and have your parents sign if you are under 24. Don't forget to sign your DEI statement. There is a hefty price tag for your indoctrination that may or may not include education related to workforce skills. You may or may not receive a job after graduation. If you do get a job, you will be replaced at some point in the name of the DEI statement you signed and agreed to when you took out the loan.

A college education is not a gateway to the American workforce. However, local political leaders in areas that hold pro-Palestine protests on college campuses and house large numbers of illegal immigrants do work to fast-track work permits for the new Americans.

If you attended a pro-Palestine protest on a college campus, you may have been identified by future employers and put onto a do not hire list. However, some of these same corporate institutions donated to organizations, like BLM, and led the charge for corporate DEI pledges within their own institutions. If you are a non-white male, you are exempt from persecution on these corporate blacklists and if you are a white male, you are exempt from employment opportunities - but you already agreed to that when you signed the DEI pledge which was most likely required by the university you attended.

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