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AI - Worldcoin - UBI

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

AI may be the excuse to implement nationwide universal basic income to pay for the low skilled labor bubble that has been compounded by millions of immigrants entering the country across the southern border over the last several years.

The lifecycle of an undocumented immigrant who enters the United States across the southern border remains a mystery. They enter the country, are 'processed' and redistributed to various states across the country. Where they live, who pays their expenses and where they find work and training to enter the workforce in the United States requires a lot of resources.

The importation of foreign workers remains a priority for the United States as the majority of the white population is not reproducing at a rate that will replenish the decline in workers of a certain age in the American labor force. Wages cannot keep up with inflation. The economic middle class has disappeared significantly.

Questions about Worldcoin:

Is Sam Altman's Worldcoin currently available only in territories that already use eye/iris scanning technology to distribute UBI universal basic income?

How are merchants processing transactions with Worldcoin as opposed to the country's native currency or method of managing and distributing funds through their current systems?

Why would anyone buy or 'invest' in this coin?

It is distributed for free to anyone who basically sells their biometric data in exchange for Worldcoin. I am curious why this particular crypto asset is being traded on exchanges although not currently in the United States. What are people investing in?

From the Worldcoin website:

How does the Orb work? The Orb checks that an individual is real and is unique, and has not previously received a World ID. It does this by capturing and processing images of an individual and their unique iris pattern. Since no two people have the same iris pattern and these patterns are very hard to fake, the Orb can accurately tell people apart from one another without having to collect any other information about them—not even their name. More details about the Orb and why biometrics are needed to prove uniqueness and humanness are outlined in a post on the Worldcoin blog here.

Why does a person who sells their biometric data in exchange for Worldcoin need an app if the Worldcoin crypto is distributed to them via an account that is created and accessed via the hash that is generated when their eyeball is scanned? Crypto wallet.

How is biometric data secured while using blockchain technology built on top of a public ledger ecosystem?

We keep hearing about how blockchain technology is built on trust, but this project took on Sam Bankman-Fried as an investor.

#Worldcoin Worldcoin World coin, crypto Sam Altman.

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