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AI prompts for fashion design using Printify and Printful

Updated: Jan 27

Finding the right keyword prompts for designing custom products with Printify, Printful or other Shopify AI fashion apps can make it easy for just about anybody to create amazing looking custom clothing that would have not been possible just a few years ago. Below are some examples of concept prompts that can be used directly with AI features integrated with many print-on-demand companies or with an image generator to create and upload onto blank product design templates.

Not every image generator or integration is the same on every platform so the results may vary. Thinking about words and phrases you may not normally think about when it comes to clothing and fashion can produce some amazing ideas for images that can easily wrap the blank canvas of a print on demand piece of clothing, shoes, shirts, bikinis and skirts as well as workout gear. Try some of the prompts below. Mockups are shown below in no particular order.

AI prompts for fashion design:

Printify AI fashion design prompts

Printify AI fashion design prompts

Printify AI fashion design prompts

metallic bar gradient

metal bar gradient

brushed metal gradient

quantum metal

brushed metal vertical

color metal vertical

saturated colors liquid

color melt

rainbow flow

liquid color

ai patterns

quantum colors

Artistic lines


brushed steel

steel colors

color liquid

Search words vertical - design

candy swirl

brushed metal gradient 2 vertical metal bars

Vanilla metallic

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