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AI Influencers - High Commission Affiliate Program - AI Art

Knowing what NOT to do is part of understanding what TO DO when it comes to getting more people to like, subscribe and return to watch your videos and follow you on social media.

As an influencer, you are basically a commission only salesperson. Unless you are a celebrity or popular enough to have endorsements from companies that approach you, you need to give the viewer or follower a reason for returning to your content feed.

Nobody cares about you. They care about the value of the content you provide. An area of opportunity that is very lacking in the influencer space is information. This is where you get to shine.

The hottest topic this year by far has been AI tools and their uses for entertainment as well as productivity. A lot of money is being made through affiliate links to platforms related to AI tools. This includes AI image generation platforms, AI music generation and AI Video generation. The text to image, music and video are the most popular as they require little input from the user and produce, in many cases, high quality or at least good quality output without much effort.

Don’t talk about AI platforms you have not paid to use or platforms you are unfamiliar with beyond the free trial version. Almost every platform has hangups that the user is not aware of until they get to the point where they say, “I wish they would have told me this BEFORE I signed up for the service.” This is where you come in. Identify the hangups. There seems to be an overall sentiment out there that evaluating a service or product is not allowed. This is not true. Identifying downsides is not necessarily trashing or criticizing the product if you simply state the facts. You MUST include information that people you refer to the service would want to know before sending them there and you cannot do that unless you have gone beyond simply making a video about what the product you are endorsing already describes on the homepage of their website.

Save people time. Do not waste their time.

Many times critical comments on your channel can reveal opportunities to improve your content. Unless a member of your audience is criticizing you personally, consider what they are saying and determine how you can monetize that content to your advantage. Create your own list of questions and answers (FAQs) based on audience comments.

Tell people what is needed up front. Example: ‘You need a Microsoft Account to login to ChatGPT live Bing search.’ Never mind, it has already been discontinued. The relationship between ‘Threads’ and ‘Instagram’ would have been helpful to know up front. Users found out that if they downloaded Threads they could not delete it without deleting their Instagram account. Mention any third party apps or accounts needed up front. People need to know what is needed, where the company you are reviewing is located and why they are watching your video - is it a review, demonstration, how-to video, etc.

I have abandoned platforms I was excited to try after spending time on the company website only to find a lot of awkwardly worded language that is very confusing to the user. Sometimes a list of FAQs on a company website only creates more questions than answers. Talk about that in your videos. I see a lot of wrong information presented during influencer videos. If you do not understand what an awkwardly worded statement on a company website means, address that. DO NOT decide that you ‘think’ it means, so you are just going to go ahead and say that. Feel free to say you are not sure if you do not know.

My gift to you is an affiliate link to a platform that pays 15% commission on referrals. If you are looking for more ways to generate revenue as an influencer or content creator, this one is a winner. The service allows the user to create, post and sell AI art all on one platform. When you set up an account here, they will provide you with an affiliate referral link you can share with your audience when you post your next video about how to make money with AI image generators. This gives you, the influencer, roughly $20 per subscription referral you send to the site.

On this platform you can:

Upload and sell your AI art integrated with automated print on demand drop ship order processing. You set the price for your work. Includes Includes a FREE AI image generator to create and sell AI art all on one platform. Click here to check it out.

FREE to try but WELL WORTH the $150/yr Pro Subscription at the time this writing. This includes UNLIMITED image uploads. Major credit cards accepted. Canadian company with a branch located in New York. No other platform I have found features the ability to create, post and sell AI art all on one platform. The FREE AI image generator produces work with a specific style that is very narrow in scope, but this is a great place to upload and offer your AI art created with Midjourney, Stable Diffusion or DALL-E for sale. You set the price and get paid when your work is purchased. After signing up and paying for a Pro Account they offer the option of including distribution of your AI art not just through their online art gallery, but also through their network of other art dealers. It is very easy to set up an account and start uploading your work quickly. Excellent free mockup template tools and watermark options available. Click here to get started.

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