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AI 2023 - A year in review

AI 2023 - A year in review

ChatGPT is great. Some of the image generators are amazing. Most of the rest of it is junk packaged inside a box that looks like it costs more than the toy for sale inside of it. Focus on the good? No. This is my revenge for all the wasted time trying to decipher ambiguous and idiotic...

This game companies play wherein they derive satisfaction from seeing how many sign ups (subs) they can accumulate without telling the customer what the product is, obnoxious. The questions a user has are never answered prior to a subscription. They do not care about developing, marketing and distributing a useful product or service. They perfectly follow the checklist of what consumers want to know and check it twice to make sure that none of that information appears anywhere on their company website.

At some point, it seems, the company would be required to reveal what it is that they are collecting money in exchange for, but they don't. They sell you the list of things they do not disclose on their website prior to a sign up. Literally, a bill of goods that are certain disqualifiers. Spell check does not like the word, 'disqualifiers.' I wonder why. Maybe it is my context.

It is very clear that while tech geniuses may be very good at coding and programming - human language and the ability to communicate clearly has evaded their list of fortes. This is easily seen in, first, interface design. Second, pretty much everything both written and unwritten anywhere on almost every website. The confusion is further amplified by false opinions spread social media influencers who mostly seem to just make s--t up most of the time.

LimeWire - This was the most recent assault of logic and common sense I experienced:

LimeWire reinvented itself in a stupidly obnoxious way in the realm of AI combined with blockchain technology. NOBODY has ANYTHING useful to show the average end user as it pertains to 'blockchain technology.' So far, the entire space is a scam created by thieves and liars for thieves and liars to do their thing. NFTs? I rest my case.

If LimeWire focused on their AI studio tool offerings... But they didn't.

This is the description of LimeWire from their website: LimeWire AI Studio. LimeWire is the place to create, publish and monetize content using the power of AI. Use the LimeWire AI Studio to create amazing generative images, music, and audio. Publish your creations on LimeWire and receive up to 90% of all ad revenue.


Sounds good enough. Side note: the corruption of language masks fraud and deception as stupidity and ignorance. If you happened to catch any of the statements made in court by FTX founder SBF, you will know what I am referring to. Pretending to be stupid to project the notion that it was all merely a misunderstanding while egregiously defrauding nearly your entire client base is not going to fly in the end.

As is pertains to 'Ad Revenue.' This generation of 'stupid' needs to stop making up, interchanging and redefining the meanings of words arbitrarily. But remember, it is not arbitrary. Ad Revenue is not Revenue Sharing and the terms are incorrectly used interchangeably. The popular current version of 'Revenue Sharing' now is basically the equivalent to an affiliate link - but they never define the actual meaning of it clearly, so it could be anything. You may receive a small commission for bringing in a new sign up who stays subscribed for a qualifying period of time. In other words, you advertise their platform for them for free and you should pay them for the privilege of doing this. There is not enough real web traffic on the planet to satisfy every platform. The digital microcosm of economic issues that are concerned with overpopulation. There are not enough customers who want to buy t-shirts from 900,000 Shopify stores. It is not happening.


LimeWire website: Pricing: 'Pricing you can count on. No hidden fees.' The 'pricing' is not listed anywhere on the website. The first lie. It is also unclear whether or not you have to pay using the company's native crypto LMWR. You can refer back the opening paragraph for 'transparency.' Blockchain, governance, trust mantra of that community = deception and bulls--t. Sorry, OpenSea is dead. The AI studio offerings at LimeWire look good until you get to the part that describes how the platform interacts with Web3 / BLOCKCHAIN. No thanks. Everything end users were told about 'publishing' and the blockchain turned out to be a lie.

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