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Ad copy - Himalayan salt lamp

Updated: Feb 6

I woke up this morning with the image of her still in my mind

I brought her with me from my dreams into the day. She was there with me as I had my morning coffee and watched a beautiful sunrise from the balcony. Her essence was my talisman and my guide throughout the daily maze of one way streets and the time spent waiting for the grid to allow me to move to the next step on the blockchain of society.

I held the feeling behind the image and it carried me throughout the day sprinkled with the fleeting comfort of recognizing occasional remnants of a landmark, some of which have new appearances or some other thing where the old thing used to be.

It is better here. And I found her in a place where concessions are frivolous and most things for entertainment or enjoyment are just part of a simulation of some kind with no other purpose than to solidify the pointlessness of it all.

And tonight the simulation will be what we choose, not what they tell us to believe because we know that none of it is true.

Where will we go with one magic click? The restaurant with candles or the one with familiar dinner lighting where we can watch the sun set behind the mountains from our table? Maybe a walk along 5th looking through windows of shops while the music plays in the background and some couples hold hands under the lights that hang from the trees along the curvy street that is a path to a memory.

Where we go and how we get there will just be stops along the way until we close out the evening from a room with a window and the warm glow of a Himalayan salt lamp next to the bed.

Nov 17, 2022

YES YOU CAN GO - Himalayan salt lamp

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