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Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Absolute Software Corp. is a Canadian software company that specializes in endpoint security and data risk management solutions. The company was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia.

One of the key strengths of Absolute Software is its comprehensive security platform, which provides organizations with the ability to manage and protect their endpoints, including laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets, from a single console. The platform enables organizations to track, monitor, and secure their devices, even if they are lost or stolen. This provides an added layer of security for organizations, ensuring that sensitive data remains protected and secure.

Another area where Absolute Software excels is in its commitment to innovation. The company invests heavily in research and development, constantly refining and improving its security solutions to meet the evolving needs of its customers and the broader market. Absolute Software has also established partnerships with leading technology companies, including Microsoft, to integrate its solutions with their platforms and to leverage their expertise.

In addition to its endpoint security solutions, Absolute Software also offers a range of related services to support its customers. This includes consulting and advisory services, as well as training and support services. These services help organizations to maximize the value of their investment in Absolute Software's solutions, and to ensure that they are able to effectively manage and protect their endpoints.

Absolute Software has a global presence, with operations and partnerships in several countries around the world. The company's global reach allows it to efficiently and effectively deliver its solutions and services to customers, regardless of their location.

In recent years, Absolute Software has continued to expand its offerings through strategic acquisitions. The company acquired NetMotion Software, a provider of secure mobile productivity and connectivity solutions, in 2020. This acquisition has helped to further strengthen Absolute Software's position in the endpoint security and data risk management market.

Absolute Software Corp. is a software company that has built a reputation for its comprehensive endpoint security and data risk management solutions, commitment to innovation, and strong partnerships. With a focus on research and development, a commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its customers, and a range of potential growth opportunities, the company is well-positioned to continue its success in the years to come.

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