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77-Year-Old Oakland Homeowner Arrested for Murder After Shooting Burglar

Oakland, CA - A 77-year-old Oakland homeowner was arrested on suspicion of murder after fatally shooting a burglary suspect who broke into his home. The incident took place on Monday evening near 98th Avenue and Burr Street.

According to the Oakland Police Department, two men and a woman arrived at the residence in a stolen Infiniti Q40, with the intention to burglarize the property. The homeowner, armed with a stolen .357 Colt Python revolver, confronted the suspects, resulting in the shooting of one of the male suspects.

Upon arrival, police found the homeowner pointing the revolver at the female suspect, who informed the officers that her friend had been shot. Despite efforts by Oakland firefighters and paramedics, the male suspect succumbed to his injuries at the scene.

The second male suspect was discovered at the scene with a replica firearm and was arrested on suspicion of burglary. The homeowner was also arrested on suspicion of murder and is currently in custody as the Alameda County District Attorney's Office reviews the case.

Prosecutors have until Thursday to decide whether to press charges against the homeowner or if the shooting will be considered justified self-defense. The homeowner's name has not been released, and the investigation is ongoing.

This case has sparked debate among the local community and online, with some arguing in favor of the homeowner's right to self-defense and others questioning the decision to arrest him. As the legal proceedings unfold, the outcome of this case will likely have implications for future self-defense cases in California.

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