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2nd GOP Debate - Fundraising over everything else - UNIVISION

The GOP is no longer courting white American voters. They are preaching tolerance.

Spare the voters your moral high ground on abortion.

To watch the debate on Fox News Business you had to sign up unlike the Drudge poll after the first debate that boasted Vivek Ramaswamy as the winner even though Fox News and WAPO polls following the debate placed Vivek below Ron DeSantis.

The only live search results on YouTube for live streaming the 2nd debate were The David Pakman channel and CNN-news 18 which featured a pre-debate interview with Gavin Newsome and Vivek Ramaswamy earlier.

Dana Perino, and two moderators from Univision moderated the debate. Go ahead and load up those government phones with voting apps after the Biden admin pushes them because of the relaunch of Covid mandates.

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