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2/7/2023 - On this day in 2023


Trans Lives Matter protesters occupy Oklahoma Capitol building to fight GOP bills that bans gender-confirming surgery for under 21s

'She's so young, her high school education was interrupted by COVID': Twitter users slam DiCaprio, 48, over 'romance' with Eden Polani, 19, who is younger than Titanic movie

Mother admits she regrets letting her son, 4, transition to a girl identity and describes realizing her mistake was like ‘leaving a cult’ after she had previously spent years being a ‘true believer’ in transgender ideology

Jill Biden to host Bono and Paul Pelosi during State of the Union address - along with the mother of Tyre Nichols, the man who stopped the Monterey shooter and a woman who nearly died under Texas' strict abortion law

'I'm thrilled to stoke the conversation': Space Jam director behind woke new Disney cartoon that claims America was 'built on slavery' and calls for reparations reacts to backlash and asks: Why the fear?

Getting his Minnie's worth! Ron DeSantis seizes CONTROL of Disney's Reedy Creek Improvement District and will force woke firm to repay $700M debt, pay taxes and be renamed - as he wins war against 'Corporate Kingdom’

Are you sabotaging your relationship? Psychologist reveals 6 destructive behaviours that mean YOU are to blame for things not working out

F-22 is pictured heading to kill Chinese balloon as it's revealed U2 spy planes tracked the craft and two more sites in Virginia and California were previously spied on... but Pentagon dismissed balloons as UFOs

Believe it or not - is everything one giant distraction, sleight of hand and a gluttony of misinformation? Manipulation or making up for lack of substance? Amazing simulations.

On this day in 2023 - 2/7/2023

NEWS 2/7/2023 - On this day

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