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2/5/2023 - On this day in 2023


Senior GOP figures now demand Biden bans TikTok as US military prepares for 'fairly easy' recovery of downed Chinese spy balloon amid furious Beijing's threats of 'resolute' action in response

Engine erupts in flames on tourist plane carrying 321 people in Thailand as tyres explode during take-off

Will ChatGPT take my job? Experts reveal the five professions at most risk from the AI revolution

Columbia University professor sues wealthy banker's widow and accuses her of 'white supremacy' after she froze $2.8M funding for the charity they set up together: Ivy League lecturer tried to give herself 35% pay rise

DEAR JANE: I dumped my husband to marry again - but I still love the man I left and it's torture! Starting today, world-renowned author JANE GREEN’s new agony column – with her own very personal confessions - every Sunday

REVEALED: The five lies you should NEVER tell on your resume and why you should 'own the gap'

Two men arrested in brutal beating of Ray's Candy Store owner, 90: Thugs were on crime spree in the East Village neighborhood when they threatened to kill Ray Alvarez outside iconic storefront

EXCLUSIVE: Leaders of East Oregon bid to secede and join Idaho thinks movement could go nationwide - with more rural countries looking to dump urban Democratic leaders and woke havens like Portland who impose taxes on them and shun 'traditional values'

How Brits Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Martin McDonagh are fast becoming Hollywood's hottest power couple who have 16 film awards between them

EXCLUSIVE: Bra exposed and wigs flying, mother and daughter are seen trading blows with Spirit Airlines agents in video of wild airport brawl after they were hit with extra fees at the gate for their oversized carry-on baggage

EXCLUSIVE: Oregon has become America's first 'death tourism' destination — with terminally ill people in states that outlaw assisted suicide starting to travel there to get a deadly cocktail of drugs

LeBron James moves within 36 points of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's NBA all-time scoring record... and the Lakers legend 'will attend LA's home games against the Thunder and the Bucks' next week to pass on the torch

China threatens 'resolute' action as US warned to brace for 'further provocations' after 'Red Zeppelin' spy balloon was shot down off the coast of South Carolina sparking race to salvage secret payload

US secures perimeter around spy balloon to stop China reaching it before navy salvage vessel which may not be on scene for DAYS - as cockpit audio details moment it was shot down six miles off the coast of South Carolina

How $200m F-22 Raptor shot down Chinese spy balloon with $400k Sidewinder missile – and possibly paid homage to WW1 ace the 'Arizona Balloon Buster' with their callsigns

Beijing's mouthpiece China Daily accuses Biden of turning spy balloon incident into a ''Hollywood blockbuster' and using it as pretense to cancel Blinken's visit

REVEALED: Three Chinese spy balloons infiltrated the US during Trump administration but he NEVER shot them down or told the public - as Republicans call for Biden to resign for putting Americans at risk

TOBIAS ELLWOOD: We MUST thwart China and Russia's mission to splinter our world into two

SNL cold open features exclusive interview with the balloon: 'Can't believe I'm Joe's Osama' - Military take down of spy craft mocked as TikTok collects 'everything they need'

Third Chinese spy balloon is ‘operating near US interests’ – but officials won’t say where, after shooting down first balloon off South Carolina coast

A sartorial circus! As music stars get set to strut their stuff at this year's Grammys, FEMAIL reveals the WORST ensembles to ever hit the notoriously-quirky carpet - from Annie Lennox's dominatrix Minnie Mouse outfit to Lady Gaga arriving in a giant EGG

Grammys most shocking moments! Lady Gaga arriving in an EGG, THAT Jennifer Lopez plunging dress, Adele fluffing her lyrics, and Rihanna and Chris Brown reuniting after assaulting her... a look back at the ceremony's wildest incidents

Who runs the (music) world? After becoming the most decorated female artist in Grammy history, Beyoncé is poised to walk away with the most wins EVER

Miranda Lambert gives her busty black jumpsuit a pop of bold color with hot pink heels as she and husband Brendan McLoughlin join stars at Clive Davis' pre-GRAMMY gala in LA

Demi Lovato looks alluring in a black strapless dress as singer makes red carpet debut with new beau Jordan Lutes at Clive Davis' pre-GRAMMY gala in LA

'Innocent snogging and not-so-innocent drinking... we got tipsy, or sloshed': How teen Prince Harry and stable girl Sasha Walpole's friendship blossomed... on wild nights at the Rattlebone Inn and Harry and Wills' Highgrove man cave

It All Falls Down! Kanye West's $2.2 million LA ranch and Sunday Service HQ looks worse for wear with walls collapsing, trash strewn everywhere and Donda Academy props abandoned

EXCLUSIVE: Southern Charm star Olivia Flowers and her devastated family head to funeral home for viewing of her troubled brother Conner who died aged 32

How close friendship between Sasha Walpole and Prince Harry faded away after their illicit field encounter – and the pair never spoke again as their lives took starkly different paths

Kate Beckinsale, 49, puts on a VERY leggy display in a TINY black bodysuit and towering heels as she struts her stuff in a sizzling Instagram post

On this day in 2023 - 2/5/2023

NEWS 2/5/2023 - On this day

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