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17GEN4 2023 Top News of the year

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

17GEN4 2023 Top News of the year

Healthcare strike, etc.




No explanation required by law. JPMorgan is also accused of exiling customers due to their religious or political beliefs. Back in May, attorneys general in 19 states sent a letter to the bank’s CEO Jamie Dimon, stating that the financial giant has violated its own policies on equality when shuttering accounts.



Tech industry demonetizes news media outlets by proxy, AI replaces staff writers and in the media industry, EVERYBODY (BOTH SIDES) IS TO BLAME and NO ONE IS TO BE BELIEVED as the disinformation misinformation wars rage on full display in response to Oct 7. TIK-TOK.



Letitia James makes good on promise to prosecute Trump. Hillary Clinton makes good on 2016 campaign promise to open southern border. Fox News falsely reports illegal immigration across the southern border for 7 straight years. It's not illegal if they are letting them through. Left-wing media blames Fox News for advertising open borders saying CNN reported the problem was not that bad or that it was not happening at all. Republican party makes more false promises to close southern border if elected in 2024 while they had every means to do so in 2017-2018 but didn't claiming there was nothing they could do to 'Build The Wall' under now indicted former president Trump.



The Grand Island teens had been hired to scour blood and beef fat from the slippery “kill floor,” using high-pressure hoses, scalding water and industrial foams and acids, according to the Labor Department in federal court records. They sanitized electric knives, fat skinners and 190-pound saws used to split cow carcasses, according to court records. Some students suffered chemical burns and were so sleep-deprived after working their night shifts that they dozed off in classes, according to a local prosecutor and court records.








What a garbage year it has been for the media, who, it seems, has quiet quit based on the garbage that is being published across major platforms. And with all of the AI toys that have been released, productivity tools have never been worse. Create a chatbot all on your own that is better than any of the employees in your customer service department, but 'spell check' is still flagging the correctly spelled word 'q-u-i-e-t' in the first sentence of this paragraph.

With the exception of ChatGPT and some of the image generators, the rest of the AI toys are pretty much garbage. Useless shiny crap that looks good in the picture on Amazon...

Even the titles of the articles are so awkwardly written that ignorance has become its own form of clickbait as people struggle to understand the title of the article that is nothing more than SEO optimized keywords that ultimately prove false if the reader decides to rise to the challenge of struggling through poorly written articles searching for information contained within an article that often seems to have no purpose other than to puke up words onto a page.

The garbage ranges from recently dirty dishes in the sink to steaming hot and doused with dog s--t. The pages and pages of disinformation and propagated misinformation makes all the news fake and very boring.

Mickey Mouse is not in the public domain and will not be on Jan 1, 2024. The character that will is called Steamboat Willie. Mickey Mouse is set to become public property on January 1 as 95-year copyright on earliest version of iconic Disney character expires meaning fans can reproduce his likeness for FREE. Journalists are worse than the average social media influencer. But who can tell? Did AI F - up this article, the autocorrect, the editor, the journos do not always make the final decision on the title. Most likely, semrush does. This is probably why it is so difficult to find what one might be looking for on the internet. You have not 'optimized' search criteria for your article when you use false information to draw attention to it. The example above is just in the pile with the dirty dishes, but the intentionally false speculation and public testing of disinformation campaigns and misinformation spreads is almost too stupid to real. 'Steamboat Willie' Early version of Mickey Mouse enters public domain on Jan 1, 2024.

The continued wave of special targets is interesting.

Those who have been practicing axiom protocol with or without knowing it are about to experience a role reversal between predator and prey. Not with their previous targets, but with their former allies, or so they thought.

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